Turnkey Academy

The Turnkey Academy is the latest addition to our product suite and provides users with an online training platform for IPS Cloud so they can learn at their own pace.

The Turnkey Academy is currently only available to IPS Cloud users within the UK. Additional jurisdictions are coming soon.
Turnkey Academy with call outs

Training for IPS Cloud

The Turnkey Academy is available to all IPS Cloud users at no additional cost and will provide extensive online training covering all areas of the platform.

Whether you’re just getting started or an experienced user looking to refresh your memory, the Turnkey Academy will be an invaluable resource to help all users master IPS Cloud.

Knowledge Base

Easily searchable knowledge base which includes help guides, tutorials, and videos to help you use IPS Cloud more effectively.

Training Courses

Our courses allow users to learn at their own pace and demonstrate what they’ve learned by completing quizzes.

Online training for IPS Cloud

Become a pro with the Turnkey Academy

The Turnkey Academy is packed with a variety of resources from help guides, tutorials, videos and courses to suit various learning styles and help your team master IPS Cloud.


Glossary of insolvency and IPS terminology

Help new starters get up to speed quicker with a glossary of common industry and IPS specific terms

Learn at your own pace

The Turnkey Academy encourages self-guided learning and enables users to fit their training around their workload

Regularly Updated

Our dedicated training and adoption team are continuously adding new resources and ensuring content is kept up to date

Turnkey Academy - search and bookmarks

Help when you need it

Our searchable knowledge base makes it easy for you to find training resources and help guides when you need it most.

Find yourself searching for the same resource again and again? Use the bookmark tool to favourite commonly accessed resources to help you find them again.

Test your knowledge

New to IPS Cloud? Our IPS Cloud Training Programme is perfect for users who are new to the platform and covers all the essentials to get you up and running.

Learn at your own pace through a series of detailed video tutorials before completing a quiz at the end of the course to demonstrate your knowledge.

Turnkey Academy Courses
Turnkey Academy Workshop

Complete your training in style

Training doesn’t have to be boring. With the Turnkey Academy, you earn credits for every course you complete which can be used towards new and exciting vehicles to transport you from course to course.

Take a trip to “the workshop” to pick out your favourite car and set off on your journey to mastering IPS Cloud.


Got a question? We’ve compiled a few of our most commonly asked questions.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please get in touch and a member of our team will be in touch shortly.

How often are training resources added to the Turnkey Academy?

New guides are added to the platform every week, and content will evolve over time.

Can I suggest topics for the Turnkey Academy?

Yes, we would love to hear your feedback and are always happy to receive suggestions on the type of content that would be useful to you. Please contact us to share your suggestions.

Where can I access the Turnkey Academy?

The Turnkey Academy can be accessed by visiting turnkey-ips.academy, the menu of the Turnkey website or accessed directly from the help menu in IPS Cloud.

How do I sign up to the Turnkey Academy?

IPS Cloud users will automatically be signed up to the academy. Instructions to set up your account will be sent to the email associated with your IPS Cloud account.

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