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Work smarter with automation

Accelerate for IPS enables Insolvency Practitioners to deliver business activities faster, cheaper, and to a far higher standard than previously possible.

Leveraging Turnkey’s IPS Cloud Platform, and powered by Tquila Automation, Accelerate will revolutionise the way you work by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up your team to concentrate on the things that matter most to your business and customers.

Automated Onboarding is here.

Accelerate for IPS enables you to automate client onboarding by following a standardised process. Simply send out your client questionnaire and validate the results then Accelerate can take care of the rest – from creating a case in IPS through to producing an action report.

By automating this process you can remove up to 90% the effort involved in client onboarding, freeing up staff time to focus on case progression, rather than administrative tasks. Human error is also reduced, minimising costly redress and exposure to unnecessary risk.

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Less manual effort involved in pre-onboarding checks

IPS Cloud and Tquila Automation

More time. More cases.

A common problem faced by insolvency practitioners is that a considerable amount of time is often lost to manual, inefficient processes such as checking compliance, creating new cases and processing and paying purchase invoices.

No matter what size you are, Accelerate for IPS can automate these repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to process more cases with the same resources to increase profitability.

Accelerate Client Onboarding

Accelerate for IPS uses emerging technologies to capture information, navigate and interact with multiple systems, and make decisions based on pre-set business rules. This enables you to onboard cases faster than ever before.

Free up time

It works alongside your people, helping them to focus on case progression, rather than administrative tasks

Processes run 24/7

Automated processes can work around the clock with no need to stop so tasks are continuously worked on


Minimise risk

Human error is reduced to near zero, minimising costly redress and exposure to unnecessary risk

Multiple currency

Pay as you go

Automated processes can be turned on and off whenever you need them and you only pay for what you need

Boost efficiency

It reduces costs and streamlines business operations allowing you to turn cases around faster

Improve morale

Improve job satisfaction as your team are able to focus on more interesting activities rather than repetitive tasks

What is Accelerate for IPS?

Accelerate for IPS is an add on service available alongside your existing IPS subscription. It uses emerging technology such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate repetitive tasks within the insolvency process.

Accelerate works alongside your team, interacting with IPS and facilitating the automatic use of software programs from email to websites to word documents. This allows your team to get time back and focus on more complex, value-add activities.

in partnership with Turnkey and Tquila

Accelerate for IPS

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About Tquila Automation

Tquila Automation, a leading provider of intelligent automation solutions, can help you solve your most frustrating business process challenges.

With a talented global team of consultants and developers, Tquila Automation can help you realise the benefits of automation in a low-cost, high-impact way.

“The insolvency industry is evolving and digitisation is gathering pace. IPS Cloud is here and already opening opportunities to leverage new ways of working using automation. Accelerate for IPS Cloud takes this one step further using innovative technology to augment your business processes and help your people work smarter, not harder with automation.”

Deborah Baxter, Chief Operating Officer at Turnkey IPS

Deborah Baxter

FAQs about Automation

Automation is not a scary term. It simply means using intelligent computer software to execute your repetitive, time-consuming and manual tasks faster, more accurately, and in many cases, with zero involvement from you.

No technical knowledge is required by your business and there’s nothing new to learn.

What is Robot Process Automation (RPA)?

RPA is simply software that emulates human behaviour, meaning the computer does the hard work, and is just one of the tools in your arsenal.

What insolvency processes can be automated?

Accelerate is currently available as an out of the box solution to automate the client onboarding process. Additional processes will be available in the future. For custom automation projects, please get in touch.

How will this improve quality?

Accelerate can’t make mistakes as it is programmed to follow a strict set of rules and tested thoroughly. As a result, it will improve quality, efficiency and increases the chance of compliance certainty within your practice.

How does it work with IPS Cloud?

Where your team presently use IPS Cloud to enter data and manage cases, the RPA “robot” simply does exactly the same. But faster.

How long will it be before I see the benefits of Accelerate?

As soon as Accelerate starts running processes you will notice the impact as you don’t need to carry out the tasks anymore. The more you use it, the more you will notice its impact.

I don't have IPS Cloud yet, can I still automate my processes?

Accelerate for IPS is available out of the box for both IPS Cloud and IPS SQL. Please get in touch with us to find out more.

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