Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our frequently asked questions about IPS Cloud or get in touch to ask your own.

I currently use IPS SQL – can I upgrade to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud is easy! Simply reach out to the team to discuss pricing and start the process. You’ll get complimentary access to the Creditor Portal as well as all the benefits of the new features we’ve added.

How much does IPS Cloud cost?

IPS Cloud offers a flexible pricing model that enables you to configure a package tailored to your needs.

Subscriptions can be billed annually or monthly and are calculated on a per named user licence basis.

What’s the difference between IPS desktop and IPS Cloud?

IPS Cloud is the newest version of our Insolvency Software, Turnkey IPS, and is packed with all the same great benefits plus a variety of enhanced new features to drive your digital evolution. Download the comparison document here.

Do I need to host my own server for IPS Cloud ?

IPS Cloud is hosted securely and accessed via the internet. This removes the need for any on premise hardware or remote connectivity solutions to access. And being Cloud hosted, all updates are managed centrally by Turnkey IPS. Perfect for home working!

What is IPS Cloud?

IPS Cloud is an insolvency case management system which provides a cost-effective way for insolvency practitioners to manage insolvency cases and communicate with key stakeholders. Delivered to you by simply entering a web address in your browser.

What is SaaS?

Software as a service (SaaS) refers to software which is accessed via a web browser and is licensed on a subscription basis. The software is hosted by the SaaS provider therefore the user does not need to worry about managing security, upgrades and maintenance.

It is also often referred to as cloud-based software.

Will IPS Cloud replace Turnkey IPS SQL?

IPS Cloud will replace IPS SQL over the next few years. We expect IPS SQL to be decommissioned in 4 years time. All IPS SQL clients will be given plenty of notice before this occurs.

Will IPS Cloud replace CORE IPS Desktop?

IPS Cloud will replace CORE IPS Desktop over the next few years however there is no definitive timeline for this at present. All CORE IPS Desktop clients will be given plenty of notice before this occurs.

Which jurisdictions does IPS Cloud cover?

IPS Cloud is currently available in 17 jurisdictions across the globe. Visit our Jurisdictions page to view the complete list of regions we support.

Which internet browsers are compatible with IPS Cloud?

IPS Cloud is available across various browsers, however we recommend Google Chrome and Edge for optimum user experience. It is not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Which devices can I access IPS Cloud on?

IPS Cloud is device agnostic allowing you to use your PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile to access it securely. This will be an ongoing development as we drive the product roadmap.

Does IPS Cloud have a desktop application?

As IPS Cloud is browser based, there is no need for a desktop application as all functionality is delivered via the browser.

Do I need to have a Microsoft 365 account to use IPS Cloud?

Microsoft 365 is required to connect with IPS Cloud for generating Word documents, Spreadsheets, sending emails, and for cloud storage within OneDrive or SharePoint. In order to upgrade to IPS Cloud, you will need the Microsoft 365 Business Standard Version of office.

Will IPS Cloud training be available?

IPS Cloud training will be provided as part of your onboarding journey. WalkMe has also been implemented within IPS Cloud to provide intuitive tooltips and navigational aids alongside assist cards and tutorial videos to help you when you need it.

Does IPS Cloud sync with IPS SQL?

IPS Cloud and IPS SQL cannot be run in parallel. Once you upgrade to IPS Cloud, your data will be migrated to IPS Cloud and your IPS SQL will be retired.

What are the security specifications of IPS Cloud?

IPS Cloud has been developed to ensure compliance with industry best practice guidelines. Please get in touch for more information about the security specifications of IPS Cloud.

Does IPS Cloud support single sign-on (SSO) integration?

Yes, IPS Cloud supports SSO via a link to a user’s Microsoft Office 365 account.

Who are Turnkey IPS?

Established in 1980, Turnkey IPS are experts in Insolvency software and are the developers of IPS Cloud. Visit our About us page to learn more.

What will happen to my IPS SQL data?

All relevant data will be migrated to IPS Cloud and IPS SQL will be retired.

Are there any features of IPS SQL that are no longer available in IPS Cloud?

IPS Cloud includes all the functionality currently available in IPS SQL along with a variety of new features. Visit IPS Cloud Product Features to learn more.

Can you add electronic signatures in IPS Cloud?

Electronic signatures can be added to documents safely and securely in IPS Cloud.

Can you upload time or transactions in bulk to IPS Cloud from an Excel Worksheet?

Bulk import of data using Excel Worksheet is available for most processes within IPS Cloud.

Will I be able to edit document packs in IPS Cloud?

Document packs can be edited within IPS Cloud.

Are workflows available within IPS Cloud?

Workflows are in place for Tasks, Transactions and Documents within IPS Cloud.

Can I add and amend Word document templates in IPS Cloud?

Word templates can be added and amended by users within IPS Cloud.

Is there a cost to migrate data from IPS SQL to IPS Cloud?

There are no migration costs to move data from IPS SQL to IPS Cloud.

Which tools does IPS Cloud integrate with?

IPS Cloud integrates with a variety of key providers such as:

  • HMRC, RPO, and Companies House in the UK
  • ATO for STP reporting in Australia
  • and OneDrive, Sharpoint

Please get in touch to find out more.

Which banks does IPS Cloud integrate with?

IPS Cloud integrates with major banks for the creation of BACS/ABA files and statement imports.

Does IPS Cloud support Corporate or Personal Insolvency cases?

IPS Cloud can be used for both Corporate and Personal insolvency cases.