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IPS Cloud in Asia-Pacific is supported by our Australian team based in Melbourne & Brisbane. Working closely with trade bodies and regulators such as ASIC, AFSA, ATO, and ARITA, our team ensures complete compliance with Australian legislation.

Suitable for certified accountants and registered liquidators, IPS Cloud equips firms with all the necessary tools to process administrations efficiently and in compliance with the regulations.

IPS Cloud Jurisdictions

IPS Cloud

Previously known as CORE IPS, our product has gone through major transformation to support our customers globally in the cloud

Creditor Portal

Regional case information can be accessed by estate stakeholders, including creditors, employees, lenders and government departments

IPS Desktop Download

Looking for the latest IPS desktop download, formerly CORE IPS? You can still download the latest update and access support here

Asia-Pacific Variations

The regional settings within IPS Cloud mean that it can be adapted to your local region, enabling you to print local statutory reports and diaries, comply with local tax, and other government requirements.

Australia and New Zealand – regional features include

  • Case entry screens
  • Statutory forms
  • GST and PAYE/PAYG returns
  • Diary tasks
  • Multicurrency for reporting, proofs, and transactions
  • Creditor Portal for Voting and Self Service options

Hong Kong and South East Asia – regional features include

  • Case entry screens
  • Statutory reports for Hong Kong
  • Statutory reports for Kuala Lumpur
  • Diary tasks for Hong Kong
  • Statutory reports for Singapore
  • Multicurrency for reporting, proofs, and transactions
  • Creditor Portal for Voting and Self Service options

Previously CORE IPS

IPS Cloud

Our clients benefit from the daily support of our industry experts and have confidence that our experience, agility, and responsiveness to change ensures they remain completely compliant with ongoing statutory obligations.

Insolvency - IPS Cloud

Designed for the Restructuring, Insolvency and Turnaround Industry

IPS Cloud has been created specifically for registered liquidators, trustees and small business practitioners.

It has been designed to handle all appointment types and is suitable for all firms – from sole practitioners to large multi office organisations.

IPS Cloud comes with complimentary access to the creditor and debtor portal with self-service functionality to help keep on top of the statutory reporting requirements.


Key Features

Previously known as CORE IPS, IPS Cloud has been designed to support registered liquidators, trustees, and small business practitioners.

IPS Cloud incorporates all the existing CORE IPS features with a variety of innovative new tools.

Helping our clients drive digital transformation across their firm is at the heart of what we do.


Core Documents and Forms

Compliance – templates ready for you to use.

Tap into our library of letters and forms based on industry best practice.

All formats can be customised with your logo and branding and any additional wording you need for your business.

Perhaps best of all you needn’t worry about the constant cycle of adapting your forms in line with legislation changes – with IPS Cloud we do it all for you.

Electronic Banking

Process payments using ebanking – no more need for cheques.

Single Touch Payroll - STP

Process employee dividends.

Reduce reporting burdens across government agencies.

With STP you can report employees’ payroll information directly to the tax office.

Infotrack integration

Infotrack users have the added benefit to access our API integration for IPS Desktop (coming soon for IPS Cloud). You can:

  • Order searches directly from the matter
  • Eliminate duplication of effort
  • Real-time cost recovery, searches are completed under valid matter numbers only and disbursements are recorded against the matter in real-time
  • View Infotrack visualisation tool, REVEAL, within IPS Cloud to view your ASIC and PPSR search results
IPS reveal screen

powered by turnkey

IPS Cloud transforms our industry-leading case management software, Turnkey IPS, formerly CORE IPS, into a fully digitised ERP solution supporting all insolvency and restructuring processes

Created and designed by insolvency experts, IPS Cloud completely revolutionises IPS with a new user-centric design, interactive dashboards, and a variety of innovative features.


Trust and experience

Turnkey IPS is the No.1 Insolvency Software solution in the UK and Australia (formerly known as CORE IPS) and is trusted by firms globally.


Innovation Built in

IPS Cloud has been designed for the future with an ambitious product roadmap to guide development.


Built for insolvency practitioners

Our software enhancements have been driven by user feedback to provide best in class insolvency software


Global recognition

Available across 17 jurisdictions, IPS Cloud is growing fast around the world.

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