IPS is delighted to launch its Personal Insolvency platform, IPS PI. Including all the essential features and functionality you’ll need to manage IVAs, DMPs and Trust Deeds, IPS PI provides a cost-effective solution for your firm in one easy to use, end-to-end platform.

Personal Insolvency Dashboard

Designed with you in mind

We are future proofing our product to a cloud platform that will transform your business and the way you manage Personal Insolvency cases. Here are just a few of the great benefits you’ll experience with IPS PI:

Automatic Upgrades

All upgrades are centrally managed by Turnkey so you always have the latest version

Work Anywhere

Access anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection

Schedule Reports

Save time on admin tasks by scheduling reports to run in the background


Enhanced Security

Have peace of mind when working remotely with robust security controls

Transform your processes

All your cases. One platform.

IPS PI has been designed after an extensive research period which allowed us to understand the key areas required to allow Personal Insolvency firms to optimise their business operations. From Lead management, to SIP3.1, to payment distribution – we’ve designed a platform that will transform how IVA/DMP & Trust Deed firms manage their day to day operations. We at IPS understand that fixed fee cases mean that IT and software costs need to fall in line with a businesses current business model.

Increase efficiency and reduce cycle

Efficiency Unleashed: Our platform automates repetitive tasks, ensuring that cases move swiftly through the process. Say goodbye to manual drudgery!

Timely Management: Never miss a beat. Our intuitive interface allows you to track and manage cases in real time. Stay on top of deadlines effortlessly.

API Integrations

By integrating third-party APIs, IPS PI enriches its functionality. Whether it’s our real-time payment processing integrations, geolocation services, or integrating your own in-house software, APIs elevate your user experience.

Compliance at your fingertips

Compliance matters. Our software ensures that every case adheres to regulations. No more sleepless nights wondering if you’ve missed a crucial step.

IPS PI is created and designed by a team of Insolvency experts who help our clients with complex compliance queries and day to day troubleshooting.

Human error is reduced to near zero, minimising costly redress and exposure to unnecessary risk.

Open Banking, Credit Reports and AML

Dive into comprehensive credit reports. Built-in Open Banking. AML Solutions for Compliance and Security.

We understand that every business has unique needs. That’s why we offer flexibility to integrate with your preferred providers.

Protect your data

Flexible internal security enables you to control which team members have access to specific case data.

Process Automation

Automated Task/Process Management: Say goodbye to manual repetitive tasks and processes. Our software automates tasks and process freeing your staff to focus on what truly matters.

Streamlined Document Production: Generate essential documents effortlessly. From IVA proposals to creditor communications, our system ensures accurate and timely document creation. Save time, reduce errors, and stay compliant.

Processes run 24/7.

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