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IPS has been used by insolvency professionals for over 40 years as a cost-effective way to manage both corporate and personal insolvency cases.

As the industry evolves, Turnkey are committed to providing the best practice methods to help your organisation optimise its insolvency procedure and processes.

IPS Cloud replaces IPS SQL and gives users a slick new interface, interactive dashboards and much more.


Compliance Confidence

Remain compliant with free software upgrades and regularly updated forms to stay on top of legislative changes

Everything in one place

Centralise your diary, workflow, task management, contact database and much more from one system

Specialist Support

Benefit from a dedicated team of insolvency experts to provide specialist support and training

Client Testimonial

“We have been IPS users for nearly 30 years now, and it is fair to say that I really could not imagine trying to run my business without it, it really is that important in ensuring that we work efficiently, effectively and accurately. My best advice to anyone setting up an insolvency practice today is ensure that you factor in IPS from day one.”

Phil Wood, Barringtons Corporate Recovery Ltd.

Client Testimonial

“Mitchell Charlesworth LLP has been using IPS by Turnkey since the 1990’s. The system makes managing an insolvency case far simpler. All the tools are there – you choose how to utilise them. Turnkey are open to development ideas and opportunities as well as feedback and support.”

Insolvency Practitioner, Mitchell Charlesworth.

Client Testimonial

“IPS is by far the most reliable software that we use. We have had very few issues during the many years that we have used it. When there is a problem, we are able to get excellent technical support from the IPS Support Team and usually it is resolved the same day.”

Judith Minto, Middlebrooks Business Recovery & Advice.

Client Testimonial

“I first used IPS at KPMG when it was still in trial version many years ago. Now, as the owner of a small regional practice, I still find it an excellent all round efficient management tool and ever more so in today’s compliance environment.”

Greg Whitehead, Northpoint.

Client Testimonial

“As a firm we find the IPS software essential for management of our case portfolio as well as practice management. Using the timesheet facility the database gives us a clear picture of our WIP exposure at any point and helps to identify areas of concern. It is a great tool that improves efficiency and statutory compliance.”

Claire Bujis, Hudson Weir.


Time-saving add-on modules

Optional add-on modules to save time with frequent tasks and searches

Statutory returns

Run government compliant forms and VAT/Tax. returns quickly and easily

Daily alerts

Improve efficiency with integrated cases, files and daily alerts listing required tasks

Time management and fees

Record chargeable and non-chargeable time plus disbursements seamlessly, with the flexibility to set different rates for particular clients, employees and tasks. Link directly to the treasury function and produce all the reports you need, at the touch of a button

Document management, evidence and case notes

Link documentation to each creditor through either our built-in Document Management module, or a third party solution, so any member of the team can quickly pick up on the details of any case

Remuneration approvals

Stay profitable and within the agreed fee scope by setting up alerts linked to time spent

Secure bank processing

Automatic bank reconciliation, transaction approval and processing with quick and easy access for making electronic and cheque payments. Another efficiency winner

Real-time reporting

From VAT/Tax and R&P reports to prescribed legislative forms and conflict of interest searches, IPS SQL gives you the data you need quickly

Streamline complex processes


If you would prefer not to invest in hardware, Turnkey can host IPS on your behalf and your team can access their IPS cases and documents from any local PC or web-connected laptop. *only available to existing IPS SQL clients.

This is a fully managed service including backup and installation of IPS upgrades. All services are included – access to IPS, Microsoft Office, backup and the management of the infrastructure including all server and software upgrades.

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