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We believe there really is no better endorsement than a recommendation from a happy customer.

Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us and the services we have provided over the last 40 years.

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Video Testimonials

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“In IPS Cloud, compared to IPS SQL, the training is superb. We got initial online webinars – members of the Turnkey team were providing us with guidance and demonstrations of how things worked. We then got access to the Turnkey Academy, which I cannot praise enough, the courses on there allowed people to watch videos of how to process particular bite size nuggets of information and then actually go out and try it for themselves in a challenge. It really helped support everybody with the change.”

Julie Beavis, Compliance Manager, Fortis Insolvency

Case Studies

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FTI Consulting’s Journey to IPS Cloud

FTI Consulting EMEA’s Managing Director, Richard Hall, shares his experience of moving to IPS Cloud in this video.

Fortis Insolvency Logo

Fortis Insolvency’s Journey to Cloud

Fortis Insolvency’s Compliance Manager, Julie Beavis, shares their experience of the first 8 weeks using IPS Cloud.

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Training & Support for IPS Cloud

Julie Beavis from Fortis Insolvency shares her team’s experience of the training and support available for IPS Cloud.

Armstrong Watson

Live Recoveries Case Study

Senior Manager, Jonny Jowett, shares his favourite features of IPS Cloud and the challenges they overcame.

Armstrong Watson

Armstrong Watson Case Study

As one of the first clients to experience the IPS Cloud Sandbox process, Head of Technology, Toby Woodhead, shares how this experience helped their team learn how to use IPS Cloud.

Connect insolvency

Connect Insolvency Case Study

Simon Blakey from Connect Insolvency shares his experience of moving to IPS Cloud as a sole practitioner managing approximately 12-20 cases per year.

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Cathro & Partners Case Study

When setting up his new firm, Simon Cathro was completely new to IPS Cloud and found that the Support team were an excellent resource to help his team get up to speed.


“Transaction processing in IPS Cloud is fantastic; it saves us so much time and paper.”

Toby Woodhead, Armstrong Watson

IPS Cloud


“I like the way that the tasks have been sub-divided into the lifecycle of a case. Every case has a start, a middle, and an end, and being able to provide the tools and necessary documents that a case administrator needs to operate a case, at a click of a button, is providing them with the ability to improve efficiency.”

Julie Beavis, Fortis Insolvency

IPS Cloud


“Without a doubt the User Interface (UI) is much better than IPS SQL, IPS SQL was too busy, IPS Cloud is much simpler.”

Jonny Jowett, Live Recoveries

IPS Cloud


“Yes, it costs me more than IPS SQL, but then again it’s a superior product.”

Simon Blakey, Connect Insolvency

IPS Cloud


“Using IPS ensures we have a smooth transition of information with our clients which enhances our service. We are able to provide the necessary information faster and much easier which in turn creates a better working relationship. ERA Solutions Limited have found Turnkey support invaluable, when an issue arises we are able to deal with this quickly and efficiently and solve the problem in a good timely manner.”

Sarah Portman, ERA Solutions



“I first used IPS at KPMG when it was still in trial version many years ago. Now, as the owner of a small regional practice, I still find it an excellent all round efficient management tool and ever more so in today’s compliance environment.”

Greg Whitehead, Northpoint



“IPS is by far the most reliable software that we use. We have had very few issues during the many years that we have used it. When there is a problem, we are able to get excellent technical support from the IPS Support Team and usually it is resolved the same day.”

Judith Minto, Middlebrooks Business Recovery & Advice



“Without IPS the time spent dealing with administering insolvent estates would be significantly increased. The software enables complex tasks to be completed simply and quickly. I can’t recommend it highly enough. In addition to this support is always on hand quickly to assist with any queries we have, this is an invaluable resource.”

Michael Durkan, Durkan Cahill



“As a firm we find the IPS software essential for management of our case portfolio as well as practice management. Using the timesheet facility the database gives us a clear picture of our WIP exposure at any point and helps to identify areas of concern. It is a great tool that improves efficiency and statutory compliance.”

Claire Bujis, Hudson Weir



“We have been IPS users for nearly 30 years now, and it is fair to say that I really could not imagine trying to run my business without it, it really is that important in ensuring that we work efficiently, effectively and accurately. My best advice to anyone setting up an insolvency practice today is ensure that you factor in IPS from day one.”

Phil Wood, BCR Insolvency


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