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Mark Simpson, Product Specialist & Podcast Host at Turnkey

Prior to joining the team as a Product Specialist in 2022, Mark spent over 20 years working within the insolvency industry, garnering a greater understanding of the systems, processes and challenges facing the industry.

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The Turnkey Exchange
S2 Episode 1: Women in Insolvency: The imbalance at the top

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, an increasing number of firms are making efforts to encourage more women into the insolvency profession but is it working?

On the 2nd season of the Turnkey Exchange, our host Mark Simpson welcomes Michelle Elliot, Ali Wisbey, and Arabella Ranby-Gorwood to share their experiences as women within the insolvency industry and explore the changes they have witnessed in recent years.

During this episode, our guests discuss the imbalance of women in senior positions and reflect on the positive changes they have seen to address this issue throughout their careers. They also explore the impact hybrid and flexible working arrangements have had on the profession by enabling people to better manage their personal commitments alongside their workload.

Listen to “Women in Insolvency: The imbalance at the top” on Spreaker.

S1 Episode 3: The Creditor Portal – Handling complex cases and visions for the future

In the third episode of the Turnkey Exchange, Mark Simpson is joined by Darren White, Greg Clough and Stephen Hunt for the final time as we conclude our first mini-series by discussing the Creditor Portal.

As one of the Creditor Portal’s most frequent users, Greg shares his experience of using it for a particularly complex case while Stephen shares some of his ideas for future developments to improve stakeholder engagement.

Listen to “Episode 3 – The Creditor Portal – Handling complex cases and visions for the future” on Spreaker.

S1 Episode 2: Exploring the impact of remote working in the insolvency industry

In the second episode of the Turnkey Exchange, our host, Mark Simpson, welcomes back Darren White, Greg Clough and Stephen Hunt to discuss everything from their experiences with remote working and the impact on recruitment through to the shift towards hybrid working and Darren’s newfound Samba skills.

Listen to “Episode 2 – Exploring the impact of remote working in the insolvency industry” on Spreaker.

S1 Episode 1: Is the insolvency industry ready for AI, ChatGPT and Automation?

In the premier episode of the Turnkey Exchange Podcast, our host, Mark Simpson, is joined by special guests Darren White, Greg Clough, and Stephen Hunt, where they discuss the impact of new technology, such as AI, ChatGPT and Automation, and whether the insolvency industry is ready for this level of innovation.

Listen to “The Turnkey Exchange” on Spreaker.

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