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IPS Cloud revolutionises the global insolvency software market. Our industry-leading case management software is a fully digitised ERP solution supporting all insolvency and restructuring processes.

Created and designed by the insolvency experts at Turnkey, this SaaS platform allows you to manage any insolvency case by navigating you through a compliant path from pre-appointment to finalisation.

IPS Products

Secure & Compliant

Streamline compliance, improve productivity & drive costs down with automation

Our experts stay up to date with upcoming requirements and continually update IPS Cloud to reflect regulatory changes. This ensures you always remain compliant with all facets of the Insolvency Act and associated legislation.


Document Merging

Merge case data documentation with the option for using electronic signatures

Time Recording

Create remunerations and time recording reports for effective case management

Self-service Portal

Creditor portal access with the ability to accept or reject changes


Gazette Advertising (UK)

Access filing notices with the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazettes

Land Registry

Confirm address information online allowing you to make decisions quickly


Multiple Currency

The world is fast becoming a single market, easily manage cases with multiple currencies


Company and Personal Searches

IPS provides rapid searches allowing you to respond faster and recover more

Bank Codes

Simply enter a bank sort code and IPS Cloud will return the bank details and the Swift BIC

Document Management

Ready to go paperless? Streamline your document workflows and filings

Additional Features

IPS Cloud is a powerful all in one case management system.

We are leading the way for insolvency software and IPS Cloud is equipped with all the latest features needed to optimise the way you process insolvency cases. Download our brochure for more details.

Time-consuming manual tasks

Supercharge your insolvency processes with automation

Secure platform

Secure access using two-factor authentication and single sign on

Audit trail

A detailed audit trail helps support time and fees billing


IPS Cloud integrates with the key insolvency providers

Keeping stakeholders up to date

Flexible reporting allows you to run detailed reports

Backup & recovery

Your data is backed up automatically

Banking automation

Connect directly to your bank to process transactions

Data import and export

Import and export bank statement payment files


IPS Cloud has been designed for insolvency practitioners and is packed with all the same great benefits of IPS SQL plus a variety of enhanced new features to drive your digital transformation agenda.

Features IPS SQL IPS Cloud
Diary management system
Reports and alerts
Complimentary access to Creditor Portal
Interactive Dashboards
Access anywhere, anytime
Transaction workflow engine fully incorporated
Report Scheduler
Integration to OneDrive and SharePoint
Workflow approval for transactions, time, fee notes and documents
Data and Analytics services
Automatic Upgrades

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