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We held our 28th User Group Meeting in October in the familiar surroundings of Warwick

We held our 28th User Group Meeting in October in the familiar surroundings of Warwick University.

We had over 127 people from 66 different practices together for a day of learning, discussion, announcements, hints, tips and feedback. The group were welcomed by the User Group Chairman, Ted Wetton, and he confirmed that he will remain as Chairman for the next few years.

Turnkey Managing Director Tony Wood then addressed the delegates, covering events of the last 12 months including Donald Trump occupying the White House, a new Turnkey suite of Websites and a successful exhibition and sponsorship of INSOL 2017 in Sydney by Core, who market and support IPS in Australasia.

Tony also provided a sneak preview of “The Future of IPS” hinting at improved features and enhanced user experience. Delegates were reminded of Turnkey’s status as the leading provider of insolvency software in the UK and how the 6500 users access IPS across 750 locations, managed by 390 firms in 13 territories across the world. With improved functionality being added all the time, Tony assured the delegates that Turnkey is focused on remaining the #1 choice for Insolvency professionals.

GDPR was an obvious hot-topic and Mark Iwaszko of FRP delivered a presentation on the legal framework of the new regulations and how this applied directly to Insolvency Practitioners. After a lively Q&A session one of the key outcomes of this segment was that a working group will be convened co-chaired by Turnkey and R3. This will consider the impact of GDPR on the profession and, where thought necessary, seek clarification from the ICO. It is hoped that a set of guidelines will be drafted for submission to the RPBs prior to the May 25th 2018 implementation.

Darren White then introduced Steve Wood, a UI/UX expert who has been assisting with some of the design aspects around a new look and feel IPS. A prototype version of IPS was then shown through a series of screen designs and features. There was much interest from the delegates and plenty of questions and positive comments. The key drivers for change are to ensure that IPS, the UK market leader, remains a future proof, user centric product.

After a networking lunch, breakout groups were convened discussing aspects of cashiering, ERA, new vision for IPS and other miscellaneous topics.

Following feedback from the breakout groups, a Q&A/hints and tips session took place to cover questions submitted in advance and during the course of the day. One user excitedly described this as getting into the ‘deepest darkest mysteries of IPS!’

Ted Wetton brought the meeting to a conclusion and presented some novelty prizes for the lucky winners of the business card draw together with a bottle of champagne from our publishing partner, Timecut. There were also seasonal prizes for the Turnkey staff – who wouldn’t love a selfie elfie???

Great to receive so much positive feedback. These days are so important for Turnkey, as listening to users is what drives our development strategy.

Many thanks to all who attended……see you next year!!

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