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Send and receive your case-related post from anywhere, with Postworks

The burden of an increasing workload, accompanied by a decreasing workforce, weighs heavily on the insolvency sector. As a result, many Insolvency Practitioners (IPs) are turning to digitisation to meet the demands of a wide caseload.

How can digitisation help?

By leveraging a range of online tools, such as online post, IPs can help to relieve the pressure of a mounting caseload through efficiency gains and cost reduction. Using an automated postal system will reduce errors throughout the postal process. The fewer errors committed, the chance of a potential regulatory breach decreases.

What is online post?

Online post, or ‘online franking’ with Postworks, allows you to send post securely straight from your PC, helping your firm to streamline processes whether you’re working from home or in the office, providing business continuity for the modern workplace.

User-friendly software allows you to create a free account in just a few minutes – with no contracts, you only pay for what you post – and with end-to-end encryption for peace of mind, you can transform the way you send case-related post without compromising on security.

Whether you’re a user of IPS Cloud or IPS SQL, Postworks provide a flexible solution with no minimum send or spend, all in a matter of clicks.

How it works

Get started with Postworks in five simple steps:

Drag and drop into Postworks’ secure online portal, anytime, from anywhere.

Once you have generated your documents in IPS, log into your Postworks account on any web browser to upload the files using the drag and drop feature.

Postworks add ‘SMARTs’ – your letter becomes trackable, so you know it’s taken care of

A 2D integrity barcode is applied to every sheet of paper, which can be read by the production equipment to ensure that the correct pages are inserted into each and every envelope. These barcodes, with the addition of Postworks’ tracking system ‘Clearsend’ allow for letters to be scanned at every part of the process. This generates a printable report where you can see when the post has been printed, when it reaches the sorting office, and when it is with the Postman.

Postworks drag and drop.

Upload files using Postworks’ drag and drop feature.

Postworks print it, securely – PixelPerfect print on bright white paper

Once the letters are processed, they enter the post tray where they are moved into Postworks’ production facility. From here, Postworks print the letters on 90gsm bright white paper stock, ensuring letters of a high quality.

Postworks envelope it – using high speed automation, into a windowed envelope

Once printed, Postworks will insert your letters into windowed envelopes using high-speed automation. This GDPR compliant process is designed to ensure the confidentiality of your communications.

Royal Mail deliver it

Whether you’ve chosen 1st or 2nd class, your letter will be delivered by the local Royal Mail postal service.

Postworks works with large insolvency branches, such as RSM and Alvarez & Marsal, as well as smaller boutique firms. So, no matter your size or cases, Postworks are here to help.

Discover how you can start saving time and money by transforming the way you send and receive case-related post with Postworks.

Postworks are a trusted partner of Turnkey, providing an intuitive solution for case-related post which complements IPS, helping IPs to become more efficient and compliant. Join a number of our clients who are already benefitting from using Postworks today.

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