Darren White and Deborah Baxter offer solutions for IPs currently working under lockdown.

Turnkey is delighted to feature in this month’s R3 Recovery News.

At Turnkey we have been helping our clients manage the significant shift from office-based working to home working. For some, this has been an easy transition, for others, more challenging.

Moving to paperless is a key component of the remote IP. Adopting paperless processes underpins this move, understanding how to utilise technology to introduce workflow for approvals, and automate where possible.

The article below details the key components an IP has to have in place to be fully remote and maps the path to future-proofing and preparing for the next step…


The remote practitioner

In the current climate, IPs and their teams have become wholly reliant on technology to drive remote working practices. Access to printers, post, paper, people and physical hardware is limited. The concept of the digital IP, documented in the February edition is now accelerating at an unexpected pace.

Accelerating the digital journey is now moving at pace across every industry. For the Insolvency Practitioner, this will significantly change when IPS moves to a Cloud-based SaaS platform, due for launch at the end of the summer.

This is a game-changer for many practices who want to be wholly Cloud (i.e. have no on-premise infrastructure to manage themselves).

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Post by Darren White

I manage the IPS team who are dedicated professionals with vast insolvency, business and IT skills ensuring our client base receive both the product and support they expect.