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June 2022 saw the launch of our MVL Industry Forum series.

Introducing our MVL Industry Forum series

The first forum in the series was held on Thursday 9th June, 2022.

Last month, we welcomed participants to our first MVL Industry Forum, where we discussed the five stages of an MVL appointment. The aim of the session was to identify where improvements could be made in the utilisation of IPS Cloud during the process.

Mapping the MVL process

In preparation for the session, our UX Specialist, Dwight Jones, and IPS Product Specialist, John Fitzgerald, got together to outline a high-level roadmap of a generic MVL appointment, detailing actions to be completed, IPS’s current functionally and opportunities for improvements, which could include new functionality, API integration with third parties and eventually automation.

A meeting was also held with our partner, Tquila, to discuss potential automation solutions for the MVL appointment process, following recent success automating the client onboarding process. A representative from Tquila was invited to join the inaugural forum.

Ahead of the first forum, participants received a copy of the roadmap to give them time to consider the five stages of an appointment, as well as improvements which could be made to get the most from IPS Cloud during the process. The five stages were defined as follows:

The MVL Industry Forum series launched on Thursday 9 June, and with the assistance of a Miro whiteboard, a multitude of post-it notes and some soothing tunes from Dwight, the five stages of the roadmap were discussed.

User-led design

We were keen to understand how clients were using IPS Cloud in respect of MVL appointments, encouraging them to share their experiences whilst we gathered key requirements to inform the future design and development of IPS Cloud.

Overall, the first forum in the series was a success – we received great feedback and input from participants during the session which will prove to be invaluable in the future development of the platform.

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