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Our latest integration with Companies House enables users to file Form 600 electronically directly within IPS Cloud.

Turnkey are delighted to announce that IPS Cloud now integrates with Companies House for the electronic filing of Form 600.

The new integration will help firms become more efficient by enabling insolvency professionals to create and submit electronic forms to Companies House directly within IPS Cloud. This will enable an IPS user to submit previously authorised forms directly via the task system. The service will then provide the user with a receipt that will update the task along with a link.

Currently the integration is only available for the filing of Form 600 for CVLs within England and Wales. However, this is only the beginning of integration with Companies House and we will be adding functionality to support additional forms in future.

“The industry is evolving, and Turnkey are proud to be leading the way towards a truly digital insolvency process. Our recent work with Companies House is only the tip of the iceberg of what is possible in a digital world, and we look forward to expanding the capability of this integration within IPS Cloud to cover a wider range of forms”

Darren White, Global Head of Product at Turnkey

Darren White

IPS Cloud will automatically pull through the below information from the case into the submission form:

  • who the lead IP is on the case
  • the second IP (if applicable)
  • the appointment date
  • the company’s registration number
  • and the name of the case

All you need to do is click ‘Submit’ .

Submit appointment to CH
Companies House - Received

Once submitted, the transaction details will then be displayed. This will tell you the status of the transaction, who submitted it, along with a unique transaction ID should you have any queries with Companies House.

You will then receive an email from Companies House to confirm your filing has been received and notification that it has been accepted.

“At Companies House, we want to make digital journeys available for all our services. Digitising insolvency transactions will mean a better and quicker user experience. We have laid the foundations by enabling digital filings of the Form 600 for CVL cases in England and Wales – this is just the start..”

Helen Morris, Service Manager at Companies House

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