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Turnkey is delighted to announce the launch of Accelerate for IPS Cloud and IPS SQL

Turnkey is delighted to announce the launch of Accelerate for IPS Cloud and IPS SQL in partnership with Tquila Automation.

Work smarter with automation – introducing Accelerate for IPS Cloud.

Accelerate is available for both IPS SQL and IPS Cloud. With IPS Cloud, you can purchase “out of the box” automations for a growing number of Insolvency Case Management processes. If using IPS SQL, we can work with you to tailor automated processes based on your own requirements.

Leveraging Turnkey’s IPS Cloud Platform, and powered by Tquila Automation, Accelerate transforms the way insolvency practitioners work by automating repetitive tasks and freeing time to concentrate on the things that matter most to their business and clients

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Accelerate for IPS Cloud

“The insolvency industry is evolving and digitisation is gathering pace. IPS Cloud is here and already opening opportunities to leverage new ways of working using automation. Accelerate takes this one step further using innovative technology to augment your business processes and help your people work smarter, not harder with automation.”

Deborah Baxter, Chief Operating Officer at Turnkey IPS

Deborah Baxter

Accelerate for IPS Cloud uses emerging technologies to capture information, navigate and interact with multiple systems, and make decisions based on pre-set business rules. This enables you to progress cases faster than ever before.

More time. More cases. A new way of working for insolvency practitioners.

A common problem faced by insolvency practitioners is that a considerable amount of time is often lost to manual, inefficient processes such as checking compliance, creating new cases and processing and paying purchase invoices.

No matter what size you are, Accelerate for IPS Cloud can automate these repetitive and time-consuming tasks, allowing you to process more cases with the same resources to increase profitability.

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