On the 18th October the 27th IPS User Group Meeting was held at Warwick University.

With an attendance of 120 this was one of the best for many years.

We would like to thank Ted Wetton and Annette Wojciechowski at Gibson Booth for all of their hard work in organising and making the meeting such a success.

We would like to also thank Sue Morgan from enigma resource group  for her presentation on the very topical subject of time recording and what constitutes a valid chargeable time entry and the issues that can arise where time is not recorded correctly.

For any user who was unable to attend, a copy of the handouts and presentation may be obtained from the IPS Support email.

If you have never attended we strongly recommend that you watch out for the email advertising the 2017 meeting. As the above picture says “it’s all down to you” you speak, we listen.

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Post by Darren White

I manage the IPS team who are dedicated professionals with vast insolvency, business and IT skills ensuring our client base receive both the product and support they expect.