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Welcome to the IPS Cloud information hub, where we’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the latest news and developments on IPS – our industry-leading case management solution for corporate and personal insolvency.


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Driving digital transformation

IPS Cloud is a powerful all-in-one case management system with a modern, easy to navigate interface that is packed with essential tools and features to help optimise your restructuring processes.

With integrations to any tool or service, from high street banks to Office 365 and more, you can speed up manual processes, saving you time and money.


and Support

Delivered by Industry Experts

Our clients benefit from the daily support of our industry experts and have confidence that our experience, agility, and responsiveness to change ensures they remain completely compliant with ongoing statutory regulations.


Daily Support

Make the most of IPS Cloud and its extended features with the support of our experts to help get you started.

Built-in Support

Navigational aids, assist cards, and tutorial videos are built into IPS Cloud, making them easy to find when you need them most.

Bespoke Training

Need a more customised approach? Contact us to discuss tailored training sessions to fit the individual requirements for your team.

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IPS Cloud Brochure

Download our brochure to learn more about the benefits IPS Cloud can bring to your firm.

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Introducing IPS Cloud

Join Darren White and Deborah Baxter for the launch of our SaaS offering – IPS Cloud.

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Top 12 Benefits of IPS Cloud

Discover the top 12 benefits of IPS Cloud, from improved workflows to enhanced document merging, and more.


Creditor Portal

IPS Creditor Portal

Instant cost savings and time efficiencies

A complimentary addition to your IPS Cloud subscription, the Creditor Portal plays a vital role in keeping stakeholders up to date with the latest case information, ensuring they are notified quickly when new information is available to download.

Move your documents to the Creditor Portal to create a paperless, self-service claims process and benefit from an audit-friendly trail of activities, all within a secure hub which integrates seamlessly with IPS Cloud.

Save time and reduce manual processing whilst staying in control, with the ability to accept or reject changes made by creditors and debtors before it is updated within IPS Cloud. Online voting decisions and virtual meetings empower creditors to have their say, wherever they are.

Getting the most from the Creditor Portal-Webinar

Getting the most out of the Creditor Portal

Join IPS expert Jane Black as she showcases the key benefits your firm can experience by using the Creditor Portal.

Key Highlights:
• Understand how each stakeholder in your case can use the portal
• Create a self-service paperless claims process
• Use virtual meetings to allow creditors to vote on resolutions
• Complete transparency with a comprehensive audit trail

Flexible Pricing Plans

IPS Cloud offers a flexible, comprehensive pricing model which enables you to select and configure a package tailored to your specific business needs.

As a fully hosted cloud-based platform, IPS can be billed annually or monthly and cost is calculated on a per named user basis.


Following the launch of IPS Cloud, we’ve compiled a few of our most commonly asked questions.

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What devices can I access IPS Cloud on?

IPS Cloud can be securely accessed on your PC or Mac. All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

Do I need to host my own server for IPS Cloud?

IPS Cloud is hosted securely and accessed via the internet. Removing the need for any on-premise hardware or remote connectivity solutions to access. And being Cloud-hosted, all updates are managed centrally by Turnkey IPS. Perfect for home working!

Do I need to have a Microsoft 365 account to use IPS Cloud?

Microsoft 365 is required to connect with IPS Cloud for generating Word documents, Spreadsheets, sending emails, and for cloud storage within OneDrive or SharePoint. In order to upgrade to IPS Cloud, you will need the Microsoft 365 Business Standard Version of office.

What banks does IPS Cloud integrate with?

IPS Cloud integrates with major banks for the creation of BACS/ABA files and statement imports.