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Virtual Cabinet

Revolutionise your document management with quick and easy access to all your documents in one place.

IPS Cloud & Virtual Cabinet
Virtual Cabinet & Turnkey

A Powerful Combination for Business Transformation

Turnkey have partnered with Virtual Cabinet to help insolvency practitioners easily organise and collaborate on business-critical documents.

Through this integration, you can be safe in the knowledge that all of your documents are stored exactly where you need them. Giving you instant access to complete case files all in one central place.

“In a time where efficiency is the professional buzz word and fee income is being squeezed more than ever before, it makes sense for Turnkey to partner with Virtual Cabinet, as their vision for the future and plans for their cloud solution are closely aligned to our own aspirations for IPS Cloud. By working together, we’ll be able to provide our clients with a truly seamless and more efficient experience that will put them in the best position to adapt to the changing industry and regulations.”

Darren White, Global Head of Product at Turnkey IPS

Darren White

Out-of-the-box Functionality

Virtual Cabinet’s Document Management solutions can integrate with both IPS Cloud and IPS SQL and comes with powerful functionality out-of-the-box.

Synced Case Lists

Consistent filing is easy as your lists of cases and creditors are synced to VC as soon as you create them in IPS

Quick Searching

Quickly find records at the touch of a button with ‘one-click’ search straight from the case file in IPS

Seamless Integration

There’s no need to leave IPS to access documents as you can file and view everything you need directly within the system

Automatic Filing

All your documents and reports are automatically filed to IPS against the appropriate case and creditor.


Secure File Sharing

Easily send documents which are stored in VC to the Creditor directly within IPS

Email Capture

Effortlessly save all your business-critical communication in the right place with automatic email capture

Archiving & Retention

Documents are automatically archived and made read-only for your closed cases to comply with your retention policy

Future Proof

VC integrates with both IPS Cloud and IPS SQL and can help your firm get document management under control

Want to see the integration in action?

Turnkey and Virtual Cabinet are working in partnership to help firms take control of their document management and simplify your day-to-day processes.

If you’d like to see the integration in action simply fill in the form to request a demo and a member of the team from Virtual Cabinet will be in touch.

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