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Explore our new online training platform for IPS Cloud

Over the years, Turnkey has provided a variety of training to help users learn how to get the most out of IPS.

From our schedule of in-person training courses, such as our Administrator and Cashiering courses, to tailored training packages delivered on-site and more recently our virtual training sessions, we take pride in helping our clients every step of the way.

And who could forget our famous “IPS Guru” course hosted at Turnkey’s Head Office, Thornton Lodge?

In today’s world, our users don’t want to have to wait for the next available date which fits their schedule. They want training resources available anytime, anywhere, right at their fingertips.

That’s why we have created the Turnkey Academy.

What is the Turnkey Academy?

The Turnkey Academy is our new online training platform available free of charge to all IPS Cloud users.

It will act as an invaluable tool for users of all skill levels whether you’re just getting started with the platform or want to brush up on your IPS Cloud knowledge.

The platform will include a variety of training resources which can be accessed via our knowledge base, a glossary of insolvency and IPS specific terms, and courses to put your skills to the test. It is also deeply integrated with IPS Cloud’s built-in help resources so you can easily find guidance when you need it.

The Turnkey Academy is currently only available to UK users of IPS Cloud and will be rolled out to other regions in the coming months. Users outside of the UK will still be able to access content specific to their region via the help icon within IPS Cloud.

IPS Cloud Knowledge Base

Our extensive knowledge base is fully searchable so you can easily find the resources you need when you need them most.

You can browse through our library of help guides, tutorials, and videos in your own time to help you better understand how to use IPS Cloud and maximise your proficiency and productivity.


Ideal for new members of the team (or just to refresh your memory), the Turnkey Academy Glossary provides easily digestible descriptions of commonly used industry and IPS Cloud specific terms.

IPS Cloud Training Courses

New Users can enroll in self-guided training courses which will allow them to learn the skills they need to be proficient in IPS Cloud at their own pace and at a time that suits them. Courses are user specific to ensure that the training you receive is relevant to the unique requirements of your role.

The courses area currently hosts the IPS Cloud Training Programme which is designed for newly onboarded clients and offers detailed video guidance and thought-provoking quizzes for each area of the application, ensuring that a comprehensive understanding of the application is achieved.

Additional training courses are coming soon.

Take a trip to the Workshop

We know that software training can be dull, so we developed the courses section with a focus on “gamification” to incentivise users to complete their training.

For every course you complete, you’ll receive credits which can be used towards upgrading your vehicle which will transport you from course to course. Once you’ve earned enough credits you can visit the “Workshop” and pick your favourite car and change the colour so you can complete your courses in style.

How often will resources be added to the Turnkey Academy?

Our dedicated Training and Adoption team are working hard to create resources covering all areas of the IPS Cloud platform and will be releasing new content on the Turnkey Academy every week.

“The goal of the Training and Adoption team is to make sure that every client knows how to use IPS Cloud to the fullest of their capabilities. This is so important for clients because we are now taking training really seriously and making sure we are putting client care at the forefront of everything we do to allow people to fully embrace IPS Cloud.”

Michelle Mills, Head of Training and Adoption at Turnkey

As IPS Cloud evolves, our training resources will be expanded to cover new features and updated to reflect any changes to how the system operates.

How can I access the Turnkey Academy?

All IPS Cloud users will automatically be registered for the Turnkey Academy and will receive an email to the address linked to your IPS Cloud user with instructions on how to activate your account.

Once activated, you can access the Turnkey Academy by visiting turnkey-ips.academy, via the top menu on turnkey-ips.com or accessed directly from the help menu in IPS Cloud.

We hope that you’ll find the Turnkey Academy to be a valuable resource on your journey to IPS Cloud. If you would like to learn more about our new training platform, please visit the Turnkey Academy page.

If you would like to share any feedback or suggest topics you’d like to see added to the platform, then please contact us at info@turnkey-ips.com.

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