Introducing the new IPS Cloud Dashboard

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The new IPS Cloud dashboard is now live.

IPS Cloud - New Dashboard

Over the past few months, we’ve been listening carefully to all our users’ feedback and are delighted to share that your thoughts have been taken on board for the new IPS Cloud dashboard which is now live for clients within the UK. Users within Asia-Pacific regions can expect to see the new dashboard launch in August.

Why did we need a new dashboard?

The goal of the original dashboard was to simplify your day-to-day life, giving quick and easy access to the information you need most, but in reality, this wasn’t always the case.

Although users initially liked the more modern look compared to IPS SQL, the more they used the system, they started to get overwhelmed with the amount of information displayed and opted not to use it, jumping straight to their assigned cases instead.

Overall, they felt it was just too busy and the information on display wasn’t always meaningful to their role.

So, it was back to the drawing board for our UI/UX team.

You spoke, we listened

After speaking with clients of all shapes and sizes, the team were able to compile all of your feedback and determine what users liked and didn’t like about the dashboard. We were even able to observe some users in action to inform the new design.

We quickly learned that one size does not fit all. With so many different roles and responsibilities involved in managing a case, users need a way to customise their dashboard to suit their needs and ways of working.

With all this feedback in mind, the new IPS Cloud Dashboard was created and tested with a group of users and we were delighted to hear they preferred it, finding it much more intuitive to use.

If you were at the IPS User Group in November 2021, you may even remember voting on some initial mock-ups!

IPS Cloud Observation room

What’s new

IPS Cloud is a powerful platform for managing the entire lifecycle of a case and holds a wealth of vital information, however this can appear overwhelming at a glance. To overcome this, we’ve stripped back the dashboard to only include the most pertinent information for our users, making it cleaner and much more user friendly. There’s even the added bonus of improving the performance and overall speed of the platform too!

Clear and simple experience

The new dashboard is visibly a lot simpler with less widgets of information. Now, you can easily view all your most important tasks and when they’re due for the next week or month, allowing you to quickly identify exactly what you need to do each day.

Your bookmarks and newsfeed (What’s New) have moved to the top right menu on your screen alongside the WalkMe icon so you can easily access help when you need it most.

Keep on top of your tasks

Improved filtering allows you to turn filters on and off to zone in on the classifications that are most relevant to you for a particular day, week or month. This gives you a more meaningful task list and full control over whether you view tasks by prompt, statutory or due date.

We’ve also added a new alarm icon to highlight if you have any overdue tasks and how many there are outstanding.

Struggle to keep on top of overdue tasks? Now, when you login to IPS Cloud, you’ll see an alert if you have any which need your immediate attention before you can continue with your day.

IPS Cloud - Info cards

Customise to suit your role

Your dashboard can be customised to only display the key info cards you want to see. Simply select the key information and potential risks that are relevant to your role, and they’ll appear down the right-hand side of your dashboard. You can then click on the key info card to drill in further and navigate to the corresponding list of tasks, documents, cases and more.

Created by experts

At Turnkey, we put our clients at the heart of everything we do and are proud of our user centric approach to developing IPS Cloud.

By having our users involved throughout every step of the process, from the initial product sketches through to final testing, we can ensure IPS Cloud truly is a case management platform created by insolvency professionals, for insolvency professionals.

Have a suggestion or want to get involved with future development projects for IPS Cloud? We’d love to hear from you, all you need to do is send us an email and a member of the team will be in touch.

IPS Cloud Dashboard on a laptop

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