IPS has been created to meet the needs of insolvency professionals.

Here are some add-on modules offering clever work arounds for age-old inefficiencies and time-intensive tasks.

Gazette advertising

Filing notices of appointment, dividend payments or notice of case closure with the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazettes can take time. Turnkey have partnered with publishing experts to save you time.

Simply select the case, notice and publication media and let IPS do the rest. The notices will be produced and filed and the invoice raised with one button click. Built-in business logic will ensure that a notice cannot be produced if data is missing. All notices are compliant, and there is additional scope for your business to make wording changes if you wish. Due to the efficiency of electronic filing the cost is kept to a minimum

Company and Personal Searches

On boarding a new case can involve many searches, from Companies House to credit checks, Land Registry, KYC and more.

Working with trusted partners IPS can provide rapid corporate and personal searches allowing you to respond faster and recover more.

Once searches have been conducted an option to create or update an IPS case using the search information is provided whilst the cost of the searches are disbursed immediately and accurately through the finance or time recording functions.

Multiple Currency

The world is fast becoming a single market so it is not unusual for cases to involve multiple currencies.

This service allows for a direct feed of exchange rates to be automatically uploaded to IPS, ensuring your financial information is accurate. This, combined with the multi-currency features built into IPS case processing increases efficiency by eliminating manual entry and ensuring accurate reporting.

Bank Sort Codes

Our Sort Code service provides up to the minute sort code validation.

Simply enter a sort code into IPS and it will return the bank details (name and address) as well as the Swift BIC allowing payments to be made. This add-on module gives you access to the whole of the UK sort code database.

Post Codes

Put the Royal Mail’s postcode directory to work for your business – and improve the speed and accuracy of address data entry.

It’s incredibly easy to use. Simply enter a postcode and select from a range of valid addresses; the postcode module automatically links to all the relevant fields in IPS. Of course we’re a fully authorised Royal Mail Postcode Solutions Provider – so you have access to the most accurate data available.

Land Registry

When confirmation of an address is needed this online data matching service provides an instant turnaround.

Get the information you need to make decisions quickly. Following an address confirmation, a full land registry search may be requested.

Document Management

A number of document management systems providers have established links with IPS to enable document workflow and filing.

Although the paperless office will never be a reality, document management integration allows the IP to have less paper.